Energy Conservation Solutions

The Aztech In-Home Display allows you to take charge of your energy use and costs.

“It’s an awesome tool!” – SDG&E customer Jerimiah

Aztech In Home Display

The LCD display and light arc provide background ‘wallpaper’ presence with ‘alarm clock alert’ awareness about your energy use.

  • The easy-to-use Aztech IHD will help you to save the most money and energy over time
  • Graphical, language free displays make information accessible to everyone
  • Patented light arc provides visual qualitative energy use feedback
  • Readings in kilowatt or kilowatt hours, or both
  • Analyzes your energy use trends, and intuitively tabulates the data to give
    you 24 hour and 30 day histograms
  • Automatically re-set for seasonal time changes by utility company
    (where applicable), so that your data is always correct
  • No retrofits required – completely wireless connection to Smart meters

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  • Conserve

    Whether you are a utility company, a business or  homeowner, the Aztech In-Home Display will help you to set and meet your conservation goals.

  • Protect

    The Aztech IHD empowers you to not only reduce energy usage and manage time of use, but reduce the environmental impact of increased electricity production.

  • Save

    Did you know that In-Home Displays have been proven to reduce energy usage by up to 10%? Take control of your energy use and make informed decisions about when to use electricity.